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have codegen backend, need CCI integration ...

Topics: Metadata Model, PDB Writer, PE Writer
Aug 17, 2010 at 11:07 AM
Hi, It has been noted in the past that I've posted a the one or the other question amounting to requesting contributions to the project I'm involved with (Scala.NET). Well, this time is no different! (I can already hear the closing line "... and a hot coffee please!") The fact of the matter is that in Scala.NET we're happy with the way are being emitted currently (as textual .msil files) but we'll eventually replace that with CCI. Want to try your hand at shaping the future of Scala.NET (well ...) then take a look at the following sub-project ready for take off: Wanted: a prototype to emit binary assemblies today with help of CCI and JSON BTW, the initial prototype can be written in C#. Have a nice day, Miguel