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CCI Models

CCI supports two models, CCI Metadata and CCI Code, each of which has its own API.
  • CCI Metadata is primarily intended for working with metadata. You can use CCI Metadata to work with code, but CCI Metadata exposes code blocks only as MSIL.
  • CCI Code is essentially an extension of CCI Metadata that represents code blocks in a structured form instead of as MSIL. The CCI Code representation of a code block is similar to source code, and is much easier to work with than MSIL.
All CCI applications must work with metadata, so they all use CCI Metadata to a greater or lesser extent. The difference between CCI Metadata and CCI Code applications is in how they work with code blocks:
  • CCI Metadata applications are based entirely on CCI Metadata and typically work primarily or exclusively with metadata. CCI Metadata applications that work with code blocks do so as MSIL, usually in a very limited way.
  • CCI Code applications use CCI Metadata to work with metadata and CCI Code to work with code blocks, typically in a relatively substantial way.
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