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How to Compile and Run FindThrowPlatformType

CCI Metadata

The complete FindThrowPlatformType sample, including a Visual Studio 2008 project file, is in the CCI Metadata source tree under the Samples folder.
To compile and run FindThrowPlatformType:
  1. If you have not done so already, download the CCI Metadata source tree. For details on how to download the CCI Metadata sources, see Getting Started.
  2. In the source tree’s root folder, double-click the tree’s Visual Studio 2008 solution file, Metadata.sln. This solution encompasses the entire source tree, including the samples.
  3. If you have not done so already, build the entire source tree. This builds the CCI Metadata DLLs that the sample requires, along with the FindThrowPlatformType application, PeToPe.exe.
  4. To view the complete FindThrowPlatformType source code, go to Solution Explorer and expand the Samples folder, which contains all the CCI Metadata samples.
  5. To run FindThrowPlatformType, open a command window, navigate to the FindThrowPlatformType project’s bin\Debug folder, and run FindThrowPlatformType.exe against a .NET DLL or EXE file. The following example runs FindThrowPlatformType against itself.
...\Debug> FindThrowPlatformType.exe FindThrowPlatformType.exe

FindThrowPlatformType prints the signature for each method that can throw ArgumentNullException.

Note: The native FindThrowPlatformType sample does not throw ArgumentNullException. To make the example print a result, add a test class to FindThrowPlatformType, as described in Add a Test Class to FindThrowPlatformType. You can also run FindThrowPlatformType on any suitable DLL or EXE file.

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