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PdbReader doesn't support correctly reading PDB files generated with VS 2015 (Roslyn)



After doing some web research I found out that Roslyn generates a new PDB file format. So the current CCI's PdbReader implementation does not support very well this new PDB file format. For instance, it doesn't load correctly the names of local variables.

There is a nuget package called CustomMetadataFix.Microsoft.Cci.Metadata here ( that suppose to fix this problem, but it is not open source and maybe it was implemented in an older version of CCI because it doesn't have all the same classes and methods of the last CCI version.

Is there any plan to support the new PDB file format in CCI?

Thanks a lot,


MichaelKetting wrote Feb 18, 2016 at 7:21 AM

I've also been hit by this issue. Mono-Cecil has fixed it the following way:

Will it be possible to do a release soon if we supply a patch for this issue? Right now it's a showstopper and we can choose between doing a private fork or getting an official build soonish.

Bet regards, Michael