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Add a Test Class to FindGeneric

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To test FindGeneric, run it on an input assembly that has at least one generic class with one or more generic methods.

A simple way to create a test case is to add a class to FindGeneric that contains one or more generic methods. You can then test FindGeneric by running the application on itself, as described in How to Compile and Run FindGeneric. The following is an example of a simple test class.
class Test<T>
  void TestMethod<U>(U p1, U p2, int p3)
    //do something

If you insert this class into FindGeneric and then run the application against itself, you should see the following output:
Generic Methods in generic types from 'FindGeneric':
FindGeneric.Test<T>.TestMethod<U>(U p1, U p2, System.Int32 p3)

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