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Sample Walkthroughs

CCI Metadata
The following sample walkthroughs introduce the basic features of the CCI Metadata API, and how to use the API in an application. We recommend that you go through these walkthroughs in order.
  • HelloIL creates an assembly for a simple console application, called Hello.exe, from scratch. This walkthrough introduces the basics of how to use the CCI Metadata API.
  • PeToPe demonstrates the basic structure of a CCI Metadata rewriting application. It shows how to load PE files and their associated PDB files from storage and write the results back to storage.
  • FindGeneric is a simple example of a CCI Metadata analysis application. It searches assemblies for generic types that contain generic methods.
  • FindThrowPlatformType is an example of a CCI Metadata analysis application that determines whether an assembly can throw ArgumentNullException.
The samples discussed in these walkthroughs are in the CCI Metadata Source tree, under the Samples folder. For details on how to download the CCI Metadata sources, see Getting Started.

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Dhodaalaa May 20, 2012 at 4:50 AM 
I noticed the code has /*?*/ in variable declarations. Is there a specific meaning to this string of characters in CCI?